Choosing the Right Dermatologist to Address Melanoma Concerns

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Some cancers are deadlier than others and one of the most serious forms of cancer that one can have is melanoma. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer, but perhaps what makes it particularly dangerous to individuals is that it is a very aggressive and quick spreading form of skin cancer. While this sounds terrible, there is hope in that if melanoma is detected earlier and treated early, then the prognosis can be very positive. 

Melanoma can be found on any part of the body, so firstly it is imperative that when completing your own skin exams that you inspect every bit of your body. While inspecting your body, make sure that you are specifically looking for any changes on a mole that you have had for a while, any kind of new spot on your skin that was not previously there, dark streaks in the beds of your fingernails or toenails, and any skin that is growing thick enough that it resembles a scar. In addition to finding these things during a skin exam, other symptoms of melanoma include itching, bleeding, and pain of the skin. 

It is vital that if you find any kind of abnormality during self-exam or if you suspect anything spot on your skin is cancer, that you seek out a physician’s opinion and get an official diagnosis of anything that concerns you. You can of course start out with a visit to your family doctor, but if they are overly concerned, then most likely you will be referred to a dermatologist that specializes in the treatment of skin cancers including melanoma. When seeking out answers from a dermatologist it is important to remember that not all dermatology doctors will fit your own individual needs. There are a few key things to remember when seeking out the right dermatologist for your melanoma cancer treatment lincoln ne. First, consider whether or not they are listening to you. The right doctor of dermatology for you will take the time to listen to any concerns that you have and answer questions related to those concerns. Secondly, before they dismiss your concerns or diagnose you, have they completed a thorough examination of your skin. A thorough exam means that the dermatologists looks at every square inch of skin on your body. If they do not do this and just dismiss your concerns, then it is definitely time to seek out a second opinion. Third, consider how easily the dermatologists can be contacted. If you are possibly going to have to complete treatment for melanoma, then you want to choose a doctor that can easily fit a visit into their schedule should complications from treatment arise. 

The word melanoma is scary to many, but keep in mind that early detection and treatment of melanoma can definitely be a game changer. If you have any concerns about any place on your skin, then take the time today to make an appointment with your family physician or with a dermatologist to start getting the answers that you need.


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