Isaac Owens – Assistant Director – Retail,

“Food can be medicine. Just like doctors and nurses take care of patients, we also care for patients with nourishing food. We might need nutritious food as much as medicine and treatment. I also manage our cafeteria and I want it to be an oasis – where people feel welcomed and find what they’re looking for. Employees, patients and visitors can let their guards down and relax. It takes all our food service team to make that happen.

The cafeteria is just like a big orchestra, and I’m the conductor, moving and making sure everybody plays their instrument to the best of their ability. People walk in, and they’re excited; they say they didn’t know the cafeteria could have this kind of food. We have a wide variety of cuisine. Because so many of our employees are from different cultures, the cafeteria is like a mini United Nations. There’s so much representation, and our team members have all sorts of suggestions to help us learn and improve our food.”

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