Four Signs That Shows You Need To Wear Braces

Everyone wants to have a perfect smile with pearly white teeth. A perfectly white smile is not only a standard for aesthetics, but it is also an indicator of a healthy mouth. Anyone can wear braces for aesthetic purposes. However, there are signs which tells whether you’re required to have orthodontic services or not. Wearing braces might not be able to fix these signs alone. There are times where other medical treatments are required to fix these problems. Visit your nearest orthodontic services knoxville tn to learn more about your condition and to know if you’re required to wear braces. 


  1. Mouth Pain Or Accidental Bites

If you constantly feel pain in your mouth, or you frequently bite the side of your cheeks, you might want to consult a dentist to check your teeth alignment. These are the signs that your teeth are not aligned properly, creating underbite or overbite. Biting your cheek accidentally is usually not a good experience and can affect your habits. Braces usually help in fixing this kind of problem.


  1. Difficulty In Chewing Food

Chewing food is one of the basic activities that we do every day and one that is usually done without a problem. But this activity can be compromised when the teeth are misaligned, which provides difficulty in eating that might affect health. Ask your doctor if you need to wear braces to fix this problem.


  1. Crooked Teeth 

A lot of things can cause crowded or crooked teeth. According to WebMD, one of the reasons include malformed lower and upper jaw or jaws with different size. It can either cause an underbite or overbite, depending on the affected jaw. In other cases, the teeth look crowded, which happens when the mouth is too small for the teeth. It can cause strain in the teeth, jaws, and mouth muscles which can be painful. It can also aid in the buildup of cavities and tooth decay.


  1. Speech Issues

Speech is greatly affected by the conditions of our mouth. If something causes impairment to the jaws, teeth, or mouth, expect that the speech is likely to be affected. A person with speech issues might find it hard to pronounce letters or combination of letters, which causes a lot of speech issues. It is recommended to consult an orthodontist right away once a child manifested speech problems to diagnose and treat dental problems right away.

The Perfect Time To Wear Braces

Most people are often diagnosed with teeth misalignment and usually get their braces during their childhood. The reasons for this is because the adult facial structure is already developed, which means it will be harder to modify for braces to do their work. However, adults can still wear braces and have significant improvement. In fact, the usage of braces in adults are becoming increasingly common. Although it is ideal for a child to see an orthodontist in as early as the age of seven, there is no real restrictive age requirement for having braces as even older people can be benefitted.

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