Importance Of Saving Your Teeth

Surprisingly, there continues to be a rising number of both children and adults who have tooth decay that continues to go untreated. According to CDC, studies show that there were about 18.6 percent of children between the ages of 5 years old to 19, who had dental caries that did not receive any treatment. For adults, there were about more than 31 percent of them who had dental issues that also did not receive any form of treatment. Sadly, a large majority of these individuals, both children and adults end up losing their teeth in the long-term. Some individuals have even lost all of their teeth due to a lack of dental care and proper dental hygiene. Losing your teeth can be extremely detrimental to your ability to communicate, eat different types of foods, as well as your confidence level as an individual. If possible, you want to try to save your natural teeth by practicing better dental habits that you can continue and maintain for the long run. Saving your teeth is critical to living a life full of opportunities and benefits that you can continue to experience for the long term. 

Referring to Today, studies show that there are approximately 91 percent of individuals in America between the ages of 20 years old to 64 years of age who had dental caries found in their permanent teeth, between the years of 2011 to 2012. Experts also estimate that by the time these individuals turn 65 years old, about more than 96 percent of individuals in the United States will have some form of tooth decay. In addition, experts also believe that a majority of individuals who have poor oral health have been unable to regularly access the dentist. Seeing a dentist on a regular basis can definitely increase your chances for keeping your teeth in good shape. The longer you go without receiving dental care, the higher the chances are of your teeth possibly falling and even losing them for good. 

If you are one of those individuals who have lacked dental care for many years, you may want to consider making a positive change today. There are many dental facilities that are able to help you keep your natural teeth for the long term. You don’t have to feel discouraged about having poor oral health. There are many individuals throughout the country who have been able to successfully save their natural teeth by having procedures done, for example a root canal procedure. Root canal procedures are able to help you in saving your natural teeth for the long term. It is likely that you may need a root canal procedure if you have neglected your oral hygiene habits and dental care. Take time to consider conducting your own online search by looking up a root canal procedure wichita ks

It is critical to make effort in restoring your oral health. When you are able to reach out to your nearest dentist, you are able to make the first step in restoring your oral health. Preventative measures, as well as treatments can allow you to restore your oral health and live an overall better life.

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