The Advantages and Installation of Dental Implants

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Dental care treatment is imperative for your overall health. In years past, if you had missing or broken teeth, you would have the option to choose between dentures and bridges. Today, we have a much better option. Dental implants will allow you to have one or more teeth replaced. Dental implants are permanent, and the tooth will be matched to your natural teeth perfectly. 

Advantages of Dental Implants 

There are many advantages to getting dental implants. Here are seven advantages of getting dental implants: Comfort- Dental implants will help you to avoid the discomfort of removing your dentures. Dental implants will not move around and rub your gums like dentures. Oral health- You will have better oral health with dental implants. Consumption of food- When you are eating, dentures have a tendency to slip and move around. This can cause problems with eating. Dental implants will not have this problem. Speech- When you have dentures, they may cause mumbling or slurring of your words due to the dentures moving. Dental implants will not slip, allowing you to communicate better. Convenience- If you choose to get dental implants anchorage, you will find that the convenience of dental implants is so much better than dentures. You will not have to remove them to be cleaned, and you will not have to worry about using any kind of denture adhesive or pads. Self-esteem- If your teeth are bad, you might not have very good self-esteem, and you may not want to smile. Correcting your teeth with dental implants will improve your smile and build your self-confidence. Durability- Dental implants will last a lifetime if they are well taken care of. 

Dental Implant Procedure 

Your dental implant surgery will vary depending on how many you are getting placed, and your overall health. Typically, your dental implant surgery will be done right in the dentist office. Here are the general steps you will go through when getting dental implants. 

You will go into your dental appointment. Your dentist will fit a dental plate flush with your gums. He or she will be burying it similar to the root of a tooth. This will allow for healing and allow for protection of the implant. When the healing process is finished, the dental implant is exposed. This is called osseointegrated

Once you have healed, the dentist will examine the implant to ensure that it is seated in properly. A post which is also called an abutment is drilled through the gum. When the gum heals, it forms a collar. This collar allows the dentist to get into the implant so that he or she can put an artificial tooth on. 

The last step is to make the tooth or teeth. These teeth are made to match your existing teeth and will even match the color. Once this process is complete, your dental implantation will be done, and you will be free to use your new teeth. Dental implants can help improve your smile, help you eat better, and help improve your overall health. If you are tired of dealing with problem teeth or dentures, check out dental implants today.

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