Why You Should Save Your Natural Teeth

According to the CDC, reports show that in the years of 2011 to 2014, more than 18.6 percent of children who were over 5 years old and under 19 years old who suffered from having dental caries that were not treated. Also, there were approximately 31.6 percent of adults who were over the age of 20 years old and under 44 years old who had severe dental caries that were also left untreated in America. In America, tooth decay has been known to be one of the most common chronic conditions that most children are forced to deal with. In addition, tooth decay has also been known to affect adults, with approximately 9 out of 10 adults who have some degree of having severe tooth decay. Tooth decay can definitely cause quite a bit of issues for the average individual. Not only can tooth decay cause quite a bit of pain and damage, but it can also cost you your natural teeth. Losing your natural teeth can definitely be devastating because once your natural teeth is gone, there is no turning back. If you have recently experienced severe tooth decay of some kind, you may want to opt in for tooth restoration with dental crowns in order to save your natural teeth. 

According to the ACP, reports show that there are more than 36 million individuals in the United States who do not have any teeth left. There are more than 120 million individuals in America who are missing at least one tooth. Toothless can happen for many different reasons such as for dental hygiene, a lack of dental care, gum disease, bone disease, trauma and many other reasons. Losing your teeth is definitely going to be one of your greatest disadvantages in life. Once you lose your natural teeth, there is no turning back and you will have to deal with tooth loss the rest of your life. However, tooth loss can definitely be preventable with taking the right steps. One of the things that you must be sure to do is visit with your dentist on a regular basis. Visiting your dentist on a regular basis can prevent severe dental decay from worsening and possibly losing your teeth. 

Fortunately, there are many dental treatments that can be done to restore your severely decayed teeth if needed. However, you cannot restore your natural teeth unless you are visiting with your dentist regularly. Many people end up neglecting their regular dental visits, putting them at risk for tooth loss and even more intense oral conditions that may require more invasive dental treatments. Take time to consider conducting some research online in order to find your nearest dental facility by looking up any dental crowns downers grove il

Losing your teeth can definitely have its disadvantages. Not only can missing teeth be an appealing to the eye, but it can also cause you quite a bit of inconveniences. Also, having missing teeth can cause you more serious problems, like jaw deformity and many other serious conditions. Saving your natural teeth is always the preferred method of restoring your smile and living a healthier life.

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