Best Upper Body Workouts to Build Muscle at the Gym

When going to the gym for the first time it can be quite intimidating. Not knowing the machines, any of the people, or the environment around you. But when building the upper body muscles, these exercises are great for anybody. These exercises are key to a well rounded, and good looking physique. 

Before considering going to the gym. Firstly you must decide on what type of gym you are looking for. Make sure to notice the amenities of the gym, the hours, and location before choosing gym membership services Detroit Mi. Make sure all of these things align best with what your intentions and goals are when it comes to working out. 

One of the most important parts of the upper body is the arms. Specifically the bicep and tricep. Starting with the biceps, some of the most common exercises include curls. There are a wide variation of curls you can do. This exercise is possible with dumbbells, barbells, or with a machine. Some people prefer to do single arm curls, where each movement will be focused on one arm at a time. This exercise is generally using dumbbells or kettlebells. another form of curl is known as the preacher curl. This is where the user will be sat a preacher bench and use a form of barbell. This exercise puts all the focus on the bicep, and is great for isolation work. 

Working on the triceps there are also many options. The tricep is involved in many other movements just with less focus, such as the bench press. But some exercises that focus heavily on the tricep are tricep push downs, which generally utilize a machine. Another common tricep exercise is the lying tricep extensions, aka skullcrushers. Dips also are great for triceps, and only require body weight at its most simple form. Supersetting, a type of exercise method where the user goes from back to back exercises without rest, is heavily utilized between bicep and tricep exercises. Also don’t neglect the shoulder muscles. Exercises such as overhead press, are good for building shoulder muscle and size. 

Another upper body workout to consider is the bench press. This will work many parts of your body. While the bench press is mostly considered a chest exercise, it also helps build triceps, shoulders, as well as core muscles for balancing. Using this exercise in an upper body workout routine is essential. There are different forms of the bench press. Like many other weighted exercises, the bench press can be used with a barbell or with dumbbells. There are also different angles when it comes to benches, such as the incline, and decline bench press. These work some muscles differently, and helps confuse the body. 

these are just a few core exercises for the upper body, and by no means the only things available when it comes to upper body lifting. There are many different techniques and exercises that can help build muscle as you go. But for beginners this is a good place to start.


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