When you need training but you don’t have a personal trainer.

For whatever reason, you might have found yourself without a source of formal coaching in Football, despite the fact it’s a sport you love and have no plans to give up. It might be that your local club has closed or you have moved away from it and you are yet to find a replacement. Or maybe you just can’t make training nights for a while. But you’re really going to miss all those Football drills, and you don’t like letting your training slide.

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If this sounds something like your current situation, there are a number of things you can do to keep your hand in and continue developing your Football skills while you are still lacking a formal trainer. Your progress will be a little slower, of course, but it won’t grind to a halt. A nice bit of kit like Adidas Football Kits from someone like kitking.co.uk/brand/adidas would not go amiss either.

Keep Practising

If at all possible, you should try to keep practising, even if this doesn’t necessarily equate to formal coaching. Not only will this help you keep in good shape and support your health in general, but it will also mean that even though you are having a harder time developing your skills, they won’t go stale from disuse. If you are having a hard time attending practice sessions, find out if you can still make games or if there is any other way for you to keep playing, however informally.

Examine Training Materials

Strategy and tactics form an important part of Football, and even outside these areas there are lots of useful little tips, tricks and techniques you can learn. You should therefore never underestimate the importance of theoretical training. Read books and use modern learning tools such as accessing Football training drill. You should also watch plenty of Football on TV, as you most likely do anyway, and critically analyse it for lessons to learn.

Get Involved with Coaching

If you aren’t being coached, a good way to keep your skills sharp and even develop them is to switch roles and start coaching others if you can’t attend your local club at the moment for whatever reason, but you are free on the day the local youth Football club meets. Volunteering to help coach the kids could be as beneficial for you as it is for them.

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