Delta-8 is safe?

A new THC brand is in town. It promises smooth highs and soft vibes.

Delta-8-thc, sometimes called “marijuana” or “marijuana light,” is a delta-9 cannabinoid with a similar structure to the more well-known delta-9. Users love that it’s not as unpleasant to use as delta-9, THC.

Many people are curious about how delta-8 safe and secure the delta-8 is, considering its growing popularity. Let’s take the plunge.

What is delta-8, THC?

Delta-8 -THC is one among hundreds of cannabinoids. Just to keep things interesting, you’ll likely see delta-8-thc also parading around under a few aliases: d8, delta-8, delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, d8-thc.

It is found in cannabis plants, but only in very small quantities. When delta-9-thc degrades, it turns into delta-8-thc. THC can be extracted from cannabis plants, and cbd can also been processed to make d8. Federally, delta-8thc is not legal to be sourced directly from the marijuana or hemp plant.

What’s delta-8 like?

Delta-8 is a great option for cbd enthusiasts looking for more zing.

D8 experiences are often described as light psychoactive and without many of the side effects of THC. Delta-8-thc is less psychoactive than THC. You don’t feel the dry mouth and paranoia that THC can bring. More stress relieving and clear thinking.

Users report that delta-8 has a better experience.

People who suffer from paranoia due to THC (the delta-9 strain) will appreciate delta-8, which is a welcomed addition to the line-up of hemp-derived products.

Delta-8 safety

Over the decades, federal regulation has made it difficult to conduct cannabis research. The fact is that delta-8 has not been studied in detail by scientists.

Cannabis, cannabinoids & safety

Recent attention has been given to cannabinoids found within marijuana, hemp, and other plants. They may have the potential to help with a number of health issues. Research has shown that cannabinoid derivatives are generally well-tolerated and cause few adverse reactions.

Feeling great with d8

Many feel more at peace and comfortable after taking delta-8. People are reluctant use cannabis products because of the inconsistent delta-9 THC experience. This can sometimes be euphoric but also anxiety-inducing.

D8 users like the lack of paranoia that delta-9 THC can sometimes have. Some users say that they feel clearheaded and it helps them focus on creative pursuits. The “high” is not associated with anxiety and you are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

How to purchase delta-8 safely

You can safely buy d8 for those who don’t have the money.

DHL-8 products don’t have any safety issues and are selling fast. However, it is still a relatively new product. It’s possible that not all retailers will adhere to the strictest protocols for creating d8 products.

Don’t fall for fakes. It is important to know what you are getting when you purchase any hemp-derived product. The same applies to delta-8 products.

Make sure you only shop with a retailer who is upfront about their products. This retailer should perform third-party lab testing in order to confirm that their products contain only the claimed cannabinoids. Also, ensure that the lab reports confirm that the delta-8 THC products are free from any unknown harmful additives.


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