What Are Some Budget-Friendly Giveaways By Small Businesses

At the start of business, it is quite an uncertain time with businesses trying their best to attract the interests of customers, and giving away handouts plays one of the biggest roles in the success of the business. There are so many logo items acting as the perfect investment for bringing in new customers as many as possible.

Custom Earth promos are considered to be an eco-friendly website dealing with reusable custom bags made from recycled or natural materials. Due to the current COVID situation, they are also dealing with reusable face masks and promotional branded hand sanitizer. All the products are made from 100% recycled materials with every bag made with detailed attention and care.

Budget-Friendly Giveaways by small businesses

  • Pens

Custom pens are available in so many models like light pens, novelty pens, etc. that are available at attractive prices. Customize these with the name of your company and the best part about promotional pens is that you can hand it to every age group making it versatile gift items for all occasions.

  • Calendar magnets

Getting exposure of 365 days in one investment is surely an unbeatable promotion that you might be thinking of. Your customers can keep themselves prepared by writing down in the magnets so that they don’t forget the dates and occasions. These calendar magnets are so bright and colourful with easy customization.

  • Totes

Custom totes are the best value of prices and customers will be carrying customized totes making others know of your business as well. Buying the totes in bulk will give you the best values of the bags. Your recipients can take your bags and also go for the branding of the same.

  • Tech accessories

With more people going online, tech accessories are becoming so important for everyone. From cord organizers to power banks, there are many choices in tech accessories. These are high utility gifts making the lives of people easier.

With the situation of COVID going on, customers are shopping differently. Masks and sanitizers are needed in bulk presently as everyone is using it. Social distancing signs, masks, and using sanitizers make customers feel comfortable to the very best. Sanitizer and face mask kits are crucial at this time. Now, even you can personalize these in your names.

Best products to have in the safety kits

Safety kits are not new for customers but now people are swapping it for masks and sanitizers. Some things to be inside:

  • Gloves
  • Stylus pens
  • Sanitizers
  • Face Masks
  • Antiseptic wipes, etc.

Knowing about hand sanitizers

  • Percentages

For sanitizers to be effective, they must contain approximately 60% to 95% of ethyl alcohol. It effectively helps in the killing of germs and viruses.

  • Spray or gel formula

Both the formulas are effective but the spray one comes in the liquid form hence drying out faster. The gel is the typical one taking time to dry.

  • Expiration

The unopened sanitizer bottles remain stable and effective for a longer time and the opened bottles last for about 3 years.


Planning for more options? You can customize anything you want that comes in handy to customers and personalize the same and give them away!

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