Bonding with Your Baby During Pregnancy

Hearing the news that they will soon be a parent is a dream come true for many people. While there will be a lot of responsibilities, there will also be a lifetime of adorable, meaningful moments that the parents will share with their child. However, this bonding experience can start even before the little bundle of joy comes into this world. So, if you are expecting, keep on reading for some ways how you can bond with your baby during pregnancy.

Talk and sing to your baby

Seeing as how babies’ hearing is always developing, they can actually hear you from the womb. That means that they hear you when talking on the phone or singing along to your favorite song. So, why not use this as a bonding opportunity? By regularly talking to your little one, they will remember your voice and start responding to it by either kicking or nudging you. Share all the activities you will be doing together once they are born and maybe even sing some songs. When the baby is born, they will recognize your voice and look at you when they hear you.

Respond to the baby’s movements

If this is your first pregnancy, you should know that you might feel your baby’s first movements at around 18 or 20 weeks. When you feel the baby kicking, nudging or bumping, respond to the movements. Right now, this is their own way of communication and by nudging back and playing along, you will show them that you are there for them. Also, try rubbing your belly where you feel the movements.

Keep framed photos of the pregnancy around

You can start documenting your pregnancy journey from the moment you get the good news. For example, you can take a photo of your bump every week and make an album of your pregnancy snaps. You can even frame one photo from each month to see how your little one has been growing. However, something else you should do is get an ultrasound to determine whether the baby is healthy and if there are any potentially devastating conditions to be aware of. Once you do that and ensure your baby is completely healthy, you will have another keepsake you can keep near you – the ultrasound photo.

Don’t forget about physical activity

Even though you are pregnant, there are various ways how you can get some physical activity. For example, you can go for a gentle stroll and have a discreet chat with your little one. Then, you can also try swimming. It’s a great way to feel weightless and you can even imagine how the baby currently feels. Maybe you can even find aquanatal classes that will help you relax and make new friends. Antenatal yoga classes are another option to consider as they will help you focus on your body and thus on the baby as well.

Try journaling

Plenty of expecting mothers keep a journal and you can consider doing the same. It doesn’t need to be an exaggeratedly happy view of pregnancy. You can just be honest. Write down how you are feeling, both physically and mentally, talk about your worries and expectations. If you are experiencing anxiety, this might help identify the causes and find a solution to overcome it. Of course, you should also note down everything you did with the baby, whether it was exercising, reading, or singing. And, once the baby is born and even grows up a bit, you can go through this together and bond even more.

Include the other parent as well

While you are the one carrying the baby, you should not exclude your partner. They surely also want to feel a connection with their child and you should allow them to do so. Just like you would talk and sing to the bump or touch it, so should the other expecting parent. They can read various stories or play their own favorite music to the little one. Tell your partner when the baby is kicking so that they can feel your belly and experience this joyful moment. Invite them to your childbirth classes so that you can truly go through the entire process together.

There are many ways to connect with your baby even before it’s born. From talking and singing to journaling about how you are feeling, you will surely find what suits you most.


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