List of states that Legalized Weed

With the growing popularity of marijuana now, it is not a surprise that some states in the US have seen the light and have legalized marijuana use. A lot of avid marijuana users have openly come out and started fighting for the legalizatio of marijuana on a federal basis, as federal law still does not recgnize marijuana as legal even for medicinal purposes. The fight goes on to legalize weed and a step towards national legalization has already started as some states have created their own policies regarding recreational as well as medical marijuana use. As of this writing, about  36 states have delared medical marijuana as legaland 15 of this 36 states have recognized recreational marijuana acceptable in their state. As long as a strict set of guidelines regarding possession, use, transport, cultivation and selling and distribtion, are followed, these states will not prosecute any “offender:”.

Let us look at the Different states that have Legalized marijuana, both recreational and medicinal. So if you are a resident of any state below, it is legal to purchase any hybrid weed of your choice, and you may even cultivate them at home. Dispensaries and online sellers now offer feminized cannabis seeds all the time

  • Colorado

This state was the first to legalize marijuana. This was way back in 2012. Total government revenue since its legalization is no over $.79 billion in cannabis sales and its by products.

  • Massachusettes

The pilgrim state approved both medical and recreational marijuana use in 2012.

  • Alaska

This state was one of the few states to ecriminalize marijuana way back in 1971, then in 1998, Alaska legalied medical cannabis use only for individuals with qualifying conditions. Then finally in 2014 the government approved the regulation, sale and production of cannabis, and this included recreational cannabis.

  • District of Columbia

Washington D.C. legalized both medicinal and adult-use marijuana in 2014. To purchase medical marijuana, the patient ust be a rgistered cannabis patient under the government medical marijuana registry, he kust also have a reference from a registered physician recognized by The District of Columbia.

  • Oregon

As early as 1998, the state of Oregon has already legalized medical marijuana, but n 2014, Oregon included adult-use for 21 years and above, legal.

  • Washington

1998 was the year medical marijuana was legalzed in the state of Washington. But it was not until 2015 that the state finally legalized recreational use marijuana

  • California

 California was a trendsetter when it came to medical marijuana leglization. They were the first state in 1996 to allow medical cannabis use, then in 2016. Any resident adult 21 years of age and above were legally allowed to use cannabis for adult-use purposes.

  • Maine

In 2016, residents of this state voted to approved the consumption, possession and cultivation of weed for thier own personal consumption. But as early as 1999, residents were already allowed to consume marijuana for medicinal purposes.

  • Nevada

Since 2016, residents of Nevada has legalized the use of both medicinal and recreational marijuana use.

  • Guam

This US territory has now allowed the use of both medical and recreational use. The Government of Guam  passed a law in 2019 legalizaing the plant

  • Michigan

Michigan was the very first midwestern state to allow recreational and medical marijuana use in its state. The state approved this in 2018.

  • Illinois

The state of illinois passed what they refer to as the plant bill in 2019 where this states that both adult-use and medical marijuana is legal in the state.

  • New Jersey

Just recently, the state of New Jersey became the first state in the area of the mid- Atlantic region to allow marijuana ue for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Soon, a set of rules an regulations will be set up for the consumer market.

  • Vermont

One of the newest states ot approved the use of both medical and recreatonal marijuana, Vermont just recently approved its legalization this 2020.

  • Arizona

Another one of the states that recently approved hte legality of both medica and adult-use marijuana, Arizona is still in the process of setting its rules whether to include the legalization of distribution or limitthe legalizationn only to possession and use.

  • Montana

The 2020 election set the stage for the legalization of marijuana for both recreational and medical use i the state of Montana. The legal age was set at 21 years and over. The law currently states that only possession and legal use are allowed and that in 2022, distribution and sales will be allowed.

  • South Dakota

Another one of the recent addition to legalize both medical and recreational marijuana. The state of South Dakota will allow the legal use of medical and recreational marijuana effective July 1, 2021

With the ever increasin acceptance of cannabis in the US, it is possible that the number of states to legalize the use of both medical and recreational marijuana will increase in the comig years. 5 states have voted to legalize weed this 2020, and hopefully in a year or two, the majority will embrace the use of weed as an organic alternative to medicate themselves or as a cleaner option to get intoxicated.

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