Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

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Currently, dental implant has become the state-of-art technique of tooth replacement. This process involves a small titanium post that is attached to a lifelike dental crown. Note that the crown is the only region of the tooth replacement system that will be visible in your mouth. The implant is designed to rest under your gum line in the bony socket that helps in holding your missing tooth. Irrespective of the number of teeth you are missing, dental implants Downers Grove il are preferred by physicians and patients because they have numerous advantages. 

Your natural teeth are firmly secured anchored by the roots in your jawbone. In the same way, the implants are designed in a special way that forms a solid attachment with the jawbone. This is because the dental implants come with a special metal that has the prowess to fuse to the living bone. Once the implant is inserted when a minor process is done, it becomes solidly fused to your bone for several months. The moment your dentist completes the work, your implant-supported replacement teeth will appear natural such that it cannot be distinguished from your natural teeth. These implant teeth will let you eat, speak and smile with unimaginable confidence since they will not slip or shift like removable dentures. Because the dental implants will become part of your jawbone, they will offer a permanent remedy to tooth loss. Other techniques of tooth replacement such as removable dentures and bridgework will require being replacing and remaking now and then. Note that well maintained dental implants will have a long lifespan. This is what makes this tooth replacement technique the best choice. 

While you might not be aware of this, the bone loss inevitably follows teeth loss. Note that bone is a living tissue that requires continuous stimulation to rebuild itself and stay healthy, and this stimulation will come from the teeth. Once you lose a tooth, the bone under it starts to resorb or melt away. This will give your face an impulsively aged appearance, making your jaw to be more vulnerable to fracture it is not treated on time. Dental implants will halt this procedure by coalescing to the jawbone and to stabilize it. Dental implants have zero effect on the health of other natural teeth as compared to other tooth-replacement techniques. For instance, when it comes to bridgework, the natural teeth surrounding the gap left by a misplaced tooth should offer support for the dental bridge. This will stress the surrounding teeth and subject them to more vulnerable to decay. Similarly, a small denture relies on adjacent natural teeth for support and might make the teeth to loosen more. A dental implant is the best alternative since they are stand-alone tooth replacement technique that will not rely on support from the surrounding teeth. Additionally, it is extremely easy to take care of the implant teeth since it is just like caring for the natural teeth.


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