Six essentials for a football training session

Organising a football training session can be enjoyable, but it’s imperative to have the essentials in place for everybody to have fun. Training in football means that players can develop their skills as well as furthering the fitness of the team as a whole.

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Before you start planning out a football training session and watching football training drill videos, it’s important to have the basic equipment you need for the session. Here are six essentials you should be bringing along to each training session.

A ball

Probably the most obvious thing to bring is a ball to play with. Every player on the team should have their own ball. Have plenty on hand to use during the session, as many training drills involve each player having their own ball.

Water and drinks

Players get tired quickly when they are doing football training sessions because it’s testing their strength and fitness more than a game would. Energy drinks are a great thing to bring along to the game, as well as water to keep players hydrated. Many players will bring their own, but it’s always nice to cater for those that don’t as well.

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Shin guards and goalie equipment

If you’re training multiple goalies, they need to have the right equipment for the game. Also, all players should wear shin guards, even in training sessions. It may not be realistic for every player to provide their own shin guards if it’s a children’s team, so prioritise player safety by having some on hand.

Go in with a plan

Every training session is important for a player’s strength and skills. So a coach should go in with a proper plan and a strategy for different kinds of training drills. You can get new ideas by watching drill videos. Good football training drill videos are available at Sportplan.


A whistle is an important tool for any coach when conducting a training session. It gets everyone’s attention and helps when training on a large pitch.

First aid kit

There should always be a first aid kit on hand and every coach should know how to use the items within it. Basic first aid courses are available and recommended for coaches, especially when coaching young children.

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