What You Need to Know About Teeth Whitening

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Someone once said that it is the simple things in life that make it beautiful and true to that, something as simple as your smile can make or break your confidence. Having white porcelain teeth boosts your confidence and ability to socialize with others and someone telling you that you have a gleaming smile can cause your self-esteem to skyrocket from zero to a hundred. Unfortunately, you may note that your once beautiful snow-white teeth aren’t as white as they used to be, yet you brush them every day and floss regularly. So, what could be the problem? Well, there are many culprits behind this phenomenon and you don’t have to keep up with it as there are safe and inexpensive teeth whitening procedures which can help you retain your whiter whites. Read on to get more info on that and much more 

What causes your teeth to change color? 


This is one of the most common and popular culprits behind teeth discoloration and one that most of us were taught ever since we were in pre-school. Tobacco has two components, namely; tar and nicotine which form a yellow coating on the surface of your teeth causing them to be discolored. 


If you are an avid coffee drinker or a wine lover, then you don’t have to scratch your head about the cause of the discoloration anymore because this is the culprit behind your worry. It is easy to wonder how and why they stain your teeth, yet you follow your oral hygiene routine on a daily basis but here is the answer; beverages like tea and the earlier mentioned drinks often have intense color pigments which easily attach to your enamel and even though you brush on a daily basis. These pigments, known as chromogens require you to up your oral hygiene game and if you take coffee or similar beverages on a daily basis then your teeth might lose their sparkly white glow. 


It’s sad to say this but some medications often cause teeth staining. For instance, high blood pressure medications and antihistamines often result in yellowing down of the teeth. Procedures such as chemo often come with the side effect of darkening your teeth. Additionally, pregnant mothers who expose their unborn babies or even born babies to antibiotics before their teeth form often place them at the risk of tooth discoloration when they are grown adults. 


As you age the enamel continues to wear out exposing an inner layer known as the dentin which is often yellowish in color causing your teeth to lose their once snow-white color. Besides age, trauma can also cause your teeth to release more dentin. For instance, if you happen to be involved in a fist fight or any other activity that might result to your mouth being hit then chances are after a while you’ll notice that your once white teeth are no longer as good looking as they used to be. 


Fortunately, we live in an era where everything is possible and since the emergence of tray-based teeth whitening Fayetteville NC, you no longer have to keep up with discolored teeth. The procedure is not only painless but also inexpensive. That means you get your sparkly white teeth back without having to hurt your pocket or break a bank. 

The teeth whitening procedure 

All you need to do is contact or book an appointment with a fully certified dental facility in Fayetteville NC and on the day of your appointment, a barrier is placed on your gum line to prevent any contact of the gum with the whitening agent. 

The agent is then applied on the front surface of your enamel and a laser light activates the material. This is repeated 3 to 4 times depending on the intensity of your discoloration and then it is removed revealing a whiter, brighter, beautiful set of teeth. It is also possible to carry out the procedure yourself while at home. The trays are customized according to your teeth impression and then sent to you in a period of six to seven days. 

Final thoughts: Should you worry? 

As always there are many myths and misconceptions which come with popular procedures and teeth whitening is no exception. Some of these are so bad that they might cause you to fret. However, you should not let this happen. Instead, ensure you consult an experienced and fully certified dentist who will help debunk the myths and misconceptions and tell you whether it suits you. Also, keep in mind that we all have different teeth anatomy. What works for you might not work on another person. Therefore, instead of listening to what the critics have to say ensure that you consult a professional. Do not let a few negative comments stand on your way to better self-esteem and confidence.


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