What You Should Know About Breast Lifts

A breast lift (mastopexy), is a surgical and cosmetic procedure that corrects ptosis also known as a breast droop. The procedure preserves the same amount of breast tissue but places it in a more youthful position. Usually, excess stretched skin is removed, and the breasts are reshaped to raise the breasts and nipple position. A breast lift procedure will not alter the size of your breasts but coupled with breast augmentation or reduction; one may decide to reduce or increase its size. 

What Conditions Cause Breasts to Droop? 

As we age, the skin tends to lose its firmness and elasticity. This affects the breast skin considerably, especially if the breasts are heavy. Multiple conditions lead to this kind of breast changes. Gravity, for instance, forces the ligaments in breasts to sag and stretch causing them to droop. Weight fluctuations may also trigger your breasts to lose elasticity and eventually sag. Other common conditions are pregnancy and breastfeeding. These two conditions force the breasts to get fuller and heavier causing stress on the ligaments supporting your breasts. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, you may notice that your breasts may start to sag. 

Are you the Right Candidate for a Breast Lift? 

A breast lift procedure isn’t recommended to everyone. If you are considering pregnancy in the future, you might want to reconsider your plans and get the breast lift after your last pregnancy. Pregnancy after the lifting procedure could offset the results back to default. 

Anyone with breasts that have lost shape and volume is a good candidate for the procedure. If your nipples fall below your breast creases, you stand a good chance to have them lifted. Also, if you notice that one of your breasts fall lower than the other, you are a good candidate for a breast lift. All these conditions make you a great candidate for a breast lift procedure. 

Preparation for the Breast Lift 

You will consult with a plastic surgeon about a breast lift la Jolla ca. The procedure should be straightforward. Your first visit should entail of: 

Review your Medical History

Be open about your past and current medical conditions, if any. Reveal to your doctor about any family history of breast cancer. Present any mammograms or breast biopsies linked to breast cancer screening. If you’ve had any surgeries whether cosmetic or medical and any medications you might be taking, talk about it. 

Physical Exam 

Your doctor will examine the physical state of your breasts to determine your treatment options. This includes the mass of breast tissue, the position of nipples and areolae. Your doctor will give you a chance to explain in detail how you would want your breasts reshaped. Make sure to explain exactly how you hope to see your breasts after the procedure. 

With breast lifts, you expect to see an immediate change in the appearance. The breasts should be firm and rounder after you are out of the theater. There shouldn’t be much change in the breasts sizes unless you coupled the procedure with breast augmentation or reduction. It is also important to note that these results are not permanent. Your skin continues to lose elasticity by the day. However, maintaining a constant and healthy weight will help you retain your breast lift results.


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