Dabbing 101: What is cannabis dabbing and how do dabs work?

Dabs are growing popular as they’re one of the quickest methods for getting stoned. They are concentrated doses of cannabis that are made by extracting cannabinoids solvents. One of the most used cannabinoids solvents, which is being used is tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. These cannabinoids are often heated on a hot surface usually on a nail, and the hash is inhaled through a dab rig, and voila, you’re high quickly having the time of your life.

The reason for dab’s growing popularity is because of the swift extraction process of cannabinoids solvents. The main ingredient in dab which gets you stoned quickly is THC, which can be extracted very easily.

  • Dangers of Dabbing:


Dabbing is dangerous; let’s get it out of the way. The main reason for it being dangerous is the extraction process. Many first time users can experience a bit of difficulty in the extracting process. But thanks to the internet gods, many master dabbing users have uploaded videos of the extracting process. Everyone has a technique of their own, and it’s always best to look at a few techniques if you’re new to dabbing. If you don’t take the extraction process seriously, it might result in an explosion. Even if the process of extraction goes well, the final product might not be pure, and it might cause health problems.

Lastly, try to buy the right quality equipment such as nails and dab rigs as the quality of the extraction and the end quality of the product highly relies on the equipment you use. To find some fantastic and high-quality products, use the High North Herbs website.

  • Benefits of Dabbing:

If the extraction and the heating of the cannabis are adequately done, the end product can be perfect for the users. People who are dealing with severe pain, anxiety, or even nausea report to having immediate relief after taking a few dabs. Cannabinoids that have been extracted properly result in a cleaner and a much more pure product, which is light on the lungs but gets you high at the same time.

Another benefit that comes from the popularity of dabbing is the technological advancements in the products. The demand has resulted in some of the highest tech dabbing tools such as full cartridges and full-spectrum extraction. The market has also produced some of the most advanced dab rigs.

  • Can you overdose on dabs?

As previously discussed, the main ingredient in making dabs is THC, which makes you stoned pretty quickly. If you exceed your personal limit, you may find yourself nauseated, uncomfortable, and intense. If you’re new to dabs, one of the first things you do is try out different ranges and check out your personal limit. Even though it’s impossible to die of a cannabis overdose, precaution is always better than a cure. Lastly, the long term effects of dabbing on your health are pretty vague as of yet. The reason for that is that dabbing is still new in the market.

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