How Living With Chronic Pain Can Consume You

Amazingly, there continues to be a significantly increased number of adults dealing with chronic pain on a regular basis in the United States. Based on the CDC, studies have found that there are about more than 20.4 percent of adults in America who had suffered from having chronic pain in the year 2016. In addition, studies have also discovered that there were about 8 percent of American adults who were suffering from high impact chronic pain, in the year of 2016. Chronic pain has also been found to be linked to a significant amount of physical and mental conditions. Because an individual may be suffering from chronic pain, they may also be suffering from depression and even anxiety. Chronic pain can also put a hold on one’s life, since one can no longer perform a majority of their tasks that they used to once do before they experienced chronic pain. Not only can chronic pain be miserable to deal with, but it can also cause one to have their life completely consumed. 

Experts define chronic pain as any pain that is experienced in the body that continues to last for more than about six months. For many individuals suffering chronic pain, there isn’t an exact cause of the pain and many times it may come from injuries or simply poor health of the body. Referring to Pain News Network, studies show that in the year of 2018, there were approximately more than 50 million people in America who were suffering from having chronic pain. Shockingly, about more than 20 million of these individuals were suffering from high impact chronic pain. Having high impact chronic pain means that these individuals were suffering pain so intense and so great, that they were restricted to performing certain tasks in their lives, as well as certain activities. There was a significantly high number of individuals who were considered to be permanently disabled because of the chronic pain that they had faced. 

When you are suffering from chronic pain, not only is your mind consumed, but your entire life is consumed. You have to spend a significant amount of time dealing with your pain, visiting different doctors who specialize in the type of chronic pain you may have, taking a significant amount of prescription medication, going to physical therapy and even performing your own exercises at home. Receiving specialized treatment for your chronic pain is crucial to the outcome of your healing. Without treatment, it is nearly impossible to find any relief. You may want to consider visiting your nearest pain management specialist by conducting a general search online for any pain management shawnee ks

Dealing with chronic pain can change your life for the worst. You always want to have an open mind and an open heart to finding various ways to healing. Fortunately, there are many facilities out there that specialize in treating those suffering from chronic pain conditions. Receiving treatment right away for your chronic pain can reduce the chances of your chronic pain consuming you and your lifestyle.

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