My Breast Enhancement Surgery Decision

There are a lot of people that think plastic surgery is the easy way to fix a problem. It should be said, any type of surgery is not the easy way out. As someone who has suffered with large breasts for a good portion of my life I know that there is very little that can be done naturally to reduce the size.

While diet and exercise will not completely solve the problem its always a good idea to make sure your making good choices. While it has always been easy for me to maintain a healthy weight, and I enjoy exercise, my breasts still continued to be a problem. Studies have shown that women dealing with large breasts don’t find exercise to be enjoyable, because it can be painful.

Breast tissue is comprised of dense tissue, fatty tissue, milk ducts, and milk glands. When I had my first mammogram I panicked when the technician told me she saw a lot of dense tissue. It was nothing to worry about when I spoke to my gynocologist but it did require that the radiologist reading my xrays was very thorough. For any spots that were too dense to see through an ultrasound could be done to get a better read. Now for my sister who had very small breasts her experience with the mammogram made implants even more of a “to do” on her list. 

My first run in with breast augmentation was actually my niece. She had a very severe case of scoliosis and had unfortunately been blessed with my large breasts. For her there was little choice and she was very eager to have them reduced. Getting a breast augmentation bellevue wa was the best thing for her. She looked as if she had lost 20 pounds instantly and she felt as though she had 100 pounds of pressure off of her shoulders and back. One of my close girlfriends had breast augmentation after having a mastectomy and for her they did a procedure called a “DIEP flap”. This allowed her doctors to use tissue from her own body to create a new breast. 

One of the many reasons I myself have not enjoyed my large breasts besides the obvious physical reasons was sometimes the negativity that came with them. There were many bathing suits and outfits I could not wear because I thought they made me look like I was flaunting them. Most absolutely was the fact that work was not the place I wanted them showing. At the time I worked in an office with all men and I wanted to keep a level of respect so I kept them in tight sports bras with loose shirts. It only increased the pressure on my neck, back, and shoulders. This caused other problems with pain and posture issues.

Going through the surgery I realized it was something that was not without pain, but the outcome is something beyond words. In a nut shell, I feel lighter and it is so much easier to breath and workout. I am much more comfortable in my own skin and it has really made a major difference.


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