Foot Health and Treatment for Common Foot Injuries

“Feet don’t fail me now” is a common phrase people utter, oftentimes when their feet really do start “failing” or giving them trouble. The human foot is a phenomenal piece of engineering consisting of hundreds of interconnected bones, ligaments, and tendons; surrounded by a complex network of nerves and nerve endings, all wrapped up in multiple layers of muscle and skin. This is clearly a huge oversimplification but it gives one a good idea and appreciation of what makes up the complexities of the human foot and some of the painful conditions that can arise if the feet are not properly cared for. 

The humble feet can be considered the unsung heroes of the skeletal system. They carry loads of hundred or more pounds over the course of fifty or more years with mostly no complaints. However from time to time when they are neglected and not properly cared for, they can give us warning signs in the form of pain, indicating that there is a problem (or problems) that needs to be remedied before its gets worse. Ankle sprains, bunions, and hammer toes are common foot maladies. Bone or heel spurs is another foot condition that can be very painful and can make life quite miserable if left untreated. Diabetic nerve pain in the feet is another condition indirectly related to the feet experienced by people who have Type 2 Diabetes. 

People who are on their feet all day are especially susceptible to developing chronic foot pain and are also more prone to injury. Athletes such as long distance runners, football, basketball, and soccer players, and martial artists just to name a few, are high on the list of individuals who develop foot pain and foot related injuries over time. While often taken for granted, the many small bones and joints that make up the feet are quite fragile and can be easily damaged if they are not properly cared for. Ankle sprains and fractures in particular, are quite common among athletes who spend much of their time twisting and turning on their feet. At some point in their careers most athletes will need to seek out the services of a professional “foot doctor” or podiatrist. Podiatrists specialize in treating foot injuries and various conditions related to foot health. Podiatric sports medicine Elmhurst IL is a great resource to find a qualified podiatrist in the area. 

Podiatric sports medicine is a field that works specifically with athletes of different levels in treating chronic foot injuries and various foot conditions in general. Weekend warriors and part time athletes can also be included in this list. All major sports teams have a good podiatrist on staff to treat and help prevent foot injuries. Any lingering pain in a person’s foot should not be ignored. Foot pain must be addressed urgently and appropriately diagnosed and treated. If left untreated easily treatable conditions could become permanent causing a person to literally walk around in pain and discomfort for the rest of their lives.


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