Why it is Essential For Your Child To Have Good Oral Hygiene

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The stages of life are unique. People grow and develop in magnificent, mysterious ways. As science tries to unveil the mysterious ways of growth, parents, as well as health care professionals, have a responsibility to shepherd children. This ensures that they grow and develop into healthy and mature adults. Dentistry is one of the health care children needs. This article elaborates why parents need their kids to visit the children’s dental care specialist burnsville mn

Albeit the fact that the first teeth of a child won’t stay in the mouth for long, they need conscientious care. A baby’s teeth have essential functions as well. They guide the eruption of the permanent teeth eruption by holding and stabilizing the tooth root. The primary teeth also help the child in chewing, biting and speaking during childhood. Children depend on these teeth for six or seven years before they acquire the permanent teeth. This means the primary teeth must be well and healthy taken care of till they are naturally lost. 

The American Pediatric Dentistry requires that a child should see a dentist at the age of one year. This early visit helps them to learn and understand the proper techniques for oral hygiene, cavity check-ups and keep an eye for the emergence of developmental issues that might arise. Babies and smack children are prone to tooth decay. Childhood Caries develops very first in children. They progress from the enamel to the soft inner dentin in less than six months. 

Child dental treatment 

Various dental treatments are offered to children to prevent decay or tooth Caries, save or repair teeth. The procedures are: Topical Fluoride treatment: Fluoride is useful in hardening the enamel and the teeth, preventing them from decay. Toothpaste and drinking water constitutes a low amount of fluorides; therefore, a pediatric will professionally apply more to the child’s teeth to prevent Caries or decay. Dental sealant treatment: According to Wikipedia, these sealants are plastic coatings applied to the pits and fissures to prevent teeth cavities. If the crevices are not sealed, then they may harbor and encourage bacterial growth and development, which results in decay. A child’s tooth enamel is porous and less resistant to decay; hence the sealants offer long time protection to the teeth. Root treatment therapy: This is done to save a tooth that is injured or severely decayed. A child also needs canal treatment just like adults. This prevents premature tooth loss and malocclusions which will cost a parent orthodontic treatment. 

Teeth bonding can be done alongside canal treatment to repair chips and fractures on the front teeth. The resins are used for bonding. They are made of both plastic and glass to offer more extended service till the child attains a total facial growth; this is according to WebMD. It is important to note that if your child is super active in sporting activities, it is prudent to purchase a mouth guard that is customized to safeguard his/her face. This offers protection in case the child falls during playing.


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