Some Signs of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a disease that affects about one in nine men. Majority of these men will be diagnosed around the age of 66. Though most men are affected by the disease after the age of 65, there is a low percentage that will become a victim of prostate cancer before the age of 40. Unfortunately, out of all the men that are diagnosed with the disease, approximately 1 in 41 will perish from it. There are a number of treatment options for prostate cancer, such as radiation therapy, hormone therapy, surgery, or even chemotherapy. To help to increase a male’s chances of surviving the disease, early detection is necessary. If a male has any of the following symptoms the he should visit his local physician. 


Issues with urination can be signs of prostate issues or cancer. This is due to the location of the prostate. The prostate surrounds the urethra so in the event that the prostate becomes swollen or cancerous the urethra can be squeezed. When the urethra is pressured urine can become constricted, which can lead to a man having trouble starting or finishing his urine stream. In some prostate cases, men have found it painful to urinate or while urinating that witness a burning sensation. How frequently a man urinates can also be prostate cancer symptoms bourbonnais il. Men may find that they wake up often throughout the night to use the bathroom. Some men may blame frequent urination on what they drink before bed. If this occurs frequently, make sure to visit a physician. 


The appearance of blood in one’s urine can also point to the development of prostate cancer. Unfortunately, the appearance of blood in the urine is a sign that prostate cancer is in its advance stages. Blood can also appear in semen due to a tumor in the prostate gland growing to the point that presses against the urethra or the blood vessels surrounding the male reproductive system. 

Weakness And Numbness 

Advanced stages of prostate cancer can cause men to experience weakness and numbness in certain parts of their body. As the cancer advances it can press against the spinal cord, causing the male to feel numb or weak in their legs or feet. In addition to the numbness, in the event that the cancer presses against the spinal cord, various bodily functions can be greatly affected. Some men may notice loss of control with it come to urinating or bowel movements. 


Pain during urination is not the only discomfort that can be felt. Some men with prostate cancer have reported pain in their hips, chest, or even back. When a person with prostate cancer experiences this type of pain it is not on a sign of the disease but a sign that the cancer has spread to other areas. Though prostate cancer has a high mortality rate it is still important that men take notice if any of the above symptoms occur. The best defense against prostate cancer is early detection.


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