How IPL hair removal works?

Permanent Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the safest ways to remove body hair on all skin types. It is one of the popular ways how people are eliminating body hair permanently. Different types of lasers are at work here. The most popular one is the Alexandrite laser, which is 755 nm. Then there is the 810 nm diode laser. 1064 nm ‘nd:YAF’ laser and the ip laser are also used for most part. Though brands and types are used interchangeably, the type of laser is always different from the brand of laser.

How the procedure is done?

The laser hair removal treatment happens at the physician’s office. 7 sessions will be required to eliminate 90% of the body hair. Treatments are usually done once a month, or even farther than that. It depends on which part of the body we focus in treatment. Legs will be at the interval of two months which face just needs an interval of 4 weeks. Prior to the treatment, cream is applied over the body. It is wiped off after half an hour of putting it on. It ensures the treatment is as comfortable as it can be.

Different levels of pain sensitivity

It should be noted that not everyone’s pain sensitivity is the same. The area of treatment when large can cause lot of pain. Physicians usually give an oral pain medicine. Lasers utilize cooling, air blowing or contact cooling. It helps present overheating of your skin, since laser delivers quite a lot of heat to the skin. Cooling is essential to maintain the skin temperature at comfortable levels. It’s helpful in preventing the burns.

Applications of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is one of the most useful cosmetic treatments. From treating the small area on the upper lip to an entire back to legs, anything is possible. Each session is separated by 4-8 weeks.  Anywhere from 5-8 treatments or sessions would be required to eliminate 90% of body hair. After the 7thsession, one can safely expect 80% clearance. FDA clears laser hair removal as reduction, rather removal. Fittingly, you can’t eliminate it permanently. Hair may grow back after a few years, in the treated spot.

Different patients respond different to various types of laser hair removal. Consult with a doctor or physicians before getting a laser hair removal. Above all, permanent hair removal is never an easy choice to make as well.

How IPL hair removal works?

The theory behind IPL hair removal or Intense pulsed light in general, is photo-thermolysis. The laser falls in on the pigment of the hair and falls itself down into the follicle. It damages cells responsible for making the hairs. It’s selective photo-thermolysis, because it goes selectively after the hair. The skin is not affected at all. It is for that reason, white and blonde hair cannot be laser treated. Such hair types have no melanin, which results in no target for laser rays. Hence the laser can’t selectively go after it. You can get effective and affordable IPL hair removal treatment at Only Aesthetics.

Misconception about IPL hair removal

A common misconception is that the IPL treatment is like antibiotics, that you have to complete the course even though there are already results. It’s not the case after all. However if you do not return for the treatment, you may still see baby hair growing out after about 2 to 3 months later. The reason is that the pores are tiny and light is needed to penetrate through to stop the hair from growing.


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