How to make your bum bigger

Making your bum bigger needs time, commitment and strength but is achievable in the end. A well-tuned butt looks amazing and can help you endure your work outs.
Some of the steps to increase your butt include:

Enhancing your butt muscles

Achieved by performing squats, lunges, bridges and butt workouts

Squats to be done include the bodyweight squats, jump squats to increase explosive movements and squats with arabesques. Squats help in strengthening muscles, toning hamstrings and glutes.
Butt bridges involves lying on your back, arms down by your sides, bending your knees and planting your feet on the floor then squeezing your glutes while pressing your hips to form a straight line lastly lifting your lower abdomen. They help strengthen your glutes which helps form a good butt.
Lunges works on glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps strengthening them. It increases metabolism of the muscles thereby increasing the respiration rate. They target the lower body muscles without straining the joints.


Exercises are important in strengthening muscles and ensuring there is a good blood circulation in tissues. Cardio workout is necessary in increasing the size of your butt. Exercises to undertake include:
Climbing raised grounds like stairs. This increase heart rate while building the butt. The lower muscles are greatly involved resulting to development of the glutes muscles thereby increasing the size of the butt. You can increase the intensity of the workout simultaneously to enhance the development of the butt.
Preforming your exercises on an inclined surface helps in increasing the size of the butt because glutes muscles are more engaged. Exercises may involve walking or jogging.
Taking part in butt boosting sports like swimming, soccer and cycling also helps to increase the size of your butt by engaging the lower muscles


Eating the right and nutritious food is very important. Adjust eating habits by taking a balanced diet that has proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. Proteins for instance helps in repair of tissues and muscles after workouts by increasing muscle growth, strength and maintaining muscle growth. The repaired tissues help in butt development. Proteins help to rebuild the tissues and muscles.

Carbohydrate provides the energy required for the workouts and repair of the tissues. Complex carbohydrates provide steady energy and therefore should be used instead of the simple carbohydrates.
Vitamins enhance the body immunity hence butt development is not altered by a compromised immunity.

Ensure that you are hydrated by taking the right amount of fluids daily and can be achieved by increasing your water intake. Avoid sweetened products and processed food since they lack some essential nutrients in the body for metabolism and cell division. Practicing good health procedures will help in development of glutes muscles increasing the size of your butt.

Wearing butt boosting clothes

For instant boost, wear padding or butt enhancing shapewear. They help enhance the look that you prefer. Choose tight pants over baggy pants because they help define your butt. Wearing a belt at your waist makes your butt look bigger. In addition, wearing heels helps to change the natural shape of the spine thereby defining your butt making it look bigger.

One can also perform bum lift surgery which is the more expensive procedure among all but is also worth it. This helps one achieve the desired body shape of the butt through surgery. To explore more about bum lift, click the link.


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