How Your Body May Have Thanked You for Completing Dry January

Womans hand rejecting more alcohol from wine bottle in bar

So, you have completely Dry January – congratulations! Or, you may be here looking at what could have been… remember, you can go alcohol-free whenever you like to reap the benefits. A month off the booze might see you with more energy and a little extra cash, and there are plenty more benefits not as obvious. 

2020 was a tough year for sure, with lots turning to alcohol as a crutch, and drinking a lot more than normal. If you feel like you cannot stop drinking despite great intentions and multiple attempts, you might be dependant. Rehab treatment can help you stop drinking and stay away from alcohol. 

Do not try to complete Dry January if you think you have an Alcohol Addiction. Quitting without the help of a medical professional can be dangerous. 

These are some additional benefits you may have noticed after a month alcohol-free:

A softer, plumper, and brighter complexion

A great side effect to not drinking is your skin will be loving it! Drinking alcohol lowers your body’s production of anti-diuretic hormones, so you’ll be losing your water and sodium supplies quicker. Having a low water content in your tissue is the enemy of having gorgeous, plump skin. You’ll also be seeing less redness and smaller pores. 

Blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes

If you have high blood pressure, you’ll have the best shot of lowering it if you stay away for a month. Your risk of developing type 2 diabetes will also be lowered, and so will your cholesterol levels. 

A healthier liver

Your liver is always working to keep you safe, it will usually be processing alcohol along with all its other jobs – so a month’s holiday from this will be greatly appreciated. Just four weeks off alcohol can reduce live ‘stiffness’ (an early sign of liver disease). You might also notice your toilet trips are more regular with less bloating and wind too – relief!

Hello immune system

Alcohol suppresses your immune system, so when this is working as normal after a few weeks, you will be less likely to catch the sniffle going around the office. Even if you do catch something, you may notice your recovery time is reduced. 

Bye-bye cancer, strokes & heart disease

Not drinking for a month will lower your risk of developing certain cancers, including the two most common types, colorectal and breast cancers. You’ll also be reducing your risk of heart disease, strokes, and hypertensive disease. An added bonus – your life expectancy may be increased too!

If you go back to drinking alcohol again, watch out for your lowered tolerance. You’ll more than likely be unable to drink as much as you could before – it will surprise you. 

Hopefully, you are feeling these benefits after completing Dry January 2021 – and ready for the year ahead and all its challenges. But remember some experience the benefits of going alcohol-free at different times. This can be due to how much alcohol you were previously drinking or other lifestyle changes. So don’t give up!


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